Process Control Analytic Engineering Company

شرکت فنی و مهندسی تحلیل گران کنترل فرایند

System Integration



We have a team with over 5 man-years of experience in the implementation of process control and SCADA systems for Oil & Gas, Power, Water and Wastewater Treatment and various industrial applications. Implementations included simple standalone systems to plant-wide automation solutions.

Programmable Logic Controllers / RTU

We have extensive experience in the programming,

configuring, graphic development and implementing

systems with major SCADA software, i.e. FIX, RSView, Wonderware, etc.

Network, Servers and System Integration

Our team is fully conversant in the design and onfiguration of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide

Area Network (WAN), Novell and NT servers,

Windows 2003 servers, Enterprise System Integration such as to LIMS, Works Maintenance System, Power Monitoring System, MRP 2, Oracle Database, Internet solution with Web servers etc.

Our services include:

PLC and SCADA system design and


PLC/RTU programming and configurations

i.e. AB, GE Fanuc, Modicon, Omron, Toshiba,

Siemens, Opto 22, Bristol Babcock

Programming and configuration of Operator

Interface i.e. Fix, Wonderware, RSView etc.

PLC Data Highway design and configuration

Local Area Network and Wide Area Network

design, configuration and implementation

Server configuration and setup i.e. Novell,

NT, etc.

System Integration and data connectivity

services i.e. to LIMS, Works Maintenance

System, Power Monitoring System, MRP 2,

Oracle, Internet/Intranet and Web Servers etc.

Other software programming services for

custom reports and specialized solutions i.e.

Visual Basic, Lotus Notes,C++, Java, HTML,

MS Access, etc.

PLC and SCADA system contract maintenance.


We design and implement projects and provide

complete solutions in the following areas:

Industrial Automation and Control

SCADA Systems and Remote Monitoring

Factory and Building Automation

Computer and Information Systems

Software Solutions and Development